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Hi!!! I am DeeLerious4God... or Dee for short.

Ya wanna help me with these boxes??? I'm just moving in here and it's a mess...but if you find the box marked "kitchen" I'll make us a cup of, wait, we got the boxes mixed the tea will be in the "bathroom" box. Oh no don't worry silly, it was never actually IN the bathroom...neither was the tea!!! OH !! Watch out don't trip over the cat !! She's old and cranky but if you scratch behind her ears she'll follow you anywhere.


OK...I know...instead of being nervous about all the people who are about to read my stories; I'll just imagine them all in their underwear., someone give that man a blanket!!! goes..............

My "friends" have been badgering me to talk to people on the internet because they say I am so funny. But I have had to battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis and that is anything but funny. But, the sense of humor has saved me from drowning in a sea of pain. So within these pages you will find some fun and my warped sense of humor. You will also have access to any information I can get you about Pain Relief. We will study the Word of God to see what He says about all of this. You will also have a friend to come to with your prayer requests. Just push the button and type your aching little heart out. And we will pray for your answers. You may email me anytime, I don't have all the answers, Lord knows I don't even know all the questions !!! But, sometimes it helps to come in to my computer room, kick back, order that cup of tea, and talk...

Co-Founder Shelter in the Storm offering support for those with Chronic pain and illnes

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